Checklist of Florida Sinkhole Damage Signs
Read the following questions, and then take a walk around your home. Learn if your home has damage that may be sinkhole related. Take the Florida Sinkhole Quiz!

Do any of your doors (including screen doors) have trouble closing or opening?
Do any of your windows "stick" and “jam” or can be tough to open?
Does your electric or water bill seem too high?
Have you experienced any odd plumbing problems in your home?
Does your home make strange creaking and popping sounds and noises at night?
Are the cabinets and drawers in your kitchen and bathroom normal and level?
Has a gap formed between your kitchen/bathroom counter backsplash and the wall?
Have any shower tiles loosened, cracked or popped off?
Is there any separation, or gaps, between any of your walls and the ceiling?
Is there any separation, or gaps, between any of your walls and the floor?
Are there any cracks in your interior walls? Inside your garage?
Is there cracking or cracks around the corners of door and window frames?
Do you have any cracked or "hollow" sounding floor tiles?
Are there any cracks in your floor, including your garage?
Does your floor feel level?  (Tip – put a golf ball or marble on different spots on a hard floor and see if it rolls anywhere)
Are there any odd water spots or discoloration in any walls or ceilings?
Have there been any water leaks or flooding when it rains?
Do you have any cracks in your driveway? How wide are they?
Do you have any cracks in your exterior walls? How wide?
Do you have any cracks around windows?
Do any cracks look like “stair steps” going up or down?
Do you have any cracks in your garage walls, floor or ceiling?
Are there any "normal settlement" cracks that seem to be growing?
Have any of the cracks grown longer or wider?
Do you have any loose or odd roof tiles?
Has your pool leaked or lost water?
Do you have any "dead patches" of grass or shrubs in your yard?
Does your yard slope in any direction?
Are there any slight dips or depressions in your yard?
Are there any holes in your yard?
Has your fence or retaining wall moved, shifted, or cracked?
Is there a lake, canal or drainage pond nearby?
Have any homes in your neighborhood had sinkholes?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, your home may be experiencing symptoms of sinkhole activity.  The more questions you answered YES to, the more important it is to have your home inspected and evaluated.

The experienced sinkhole adjusters of SinkTeam are available to answer your questions, discuss your options, and even perform a home evaluation for free. Call 813-435-1616 for a FREE phone consultation or home evaluation today!

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