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Different Types of Florida Sinkholes

Do I Have a Sinkhole?

Do you know if your home has signs of sinkhole damage? The first step in the sinkhole claim process is discovering if your home has signs of sinkhole damage and the common signs. If you discover your home has possible signs of sinkhole cracks, sinkhole damage and sinkhole activity, the next step is decide if you want to file a claim.

Florida Sinkhole, Sinkhole Testing and Sinkhole Repair FAQ
Does your home show signs of sinkhole damage?  Sinkhole damage signs are usually overlooked – people regularly mistake damage caused by sinkholes as normal settlement.  Florida sinkholes cause damage to homes and foundations in regular ways.  Take the Florida Sinkhole Quiz, inspect your home, and learn if your house shows signs of sinkhole damage.  Learn what the next steps are if you find you have possible sinkhole damage.
Sinkhole activity is complicated, but detecting the damage signs of Florida sinkholes is simple.  Sinkholes cause home foundations to shift and move, which causes homes to shift, move, and crack.  Learn about the types of sinkhole damage common in Florida sink hole homes, where sinkhole damage is likely to occur, and what to expect if you think your Florida house has a sink hole.
Sinkholes are a naturally occurring geological feature throughout Florida.  Known as karst or karst activity, Florida limestone is a porous type of carbonate rock that dissolves in a chemical reaction when exposed to acidic rainwater.  Learn the science of sinkholes, how sinkholes form, what a sinkhole is, and how sinkholes can cause damage to your home.  Remember – a sinkhole doesn’t need to be on the surface to cause damage!
A square is always a rectangle, but a rectangle is not always a square.  Florida sinkholes always cause cracks to sinkhole home foundations, but cracks don’t always mean sinkholes are the cause of the damage.  Learn about causes of damage that are not sinkhole related.  But be careful – because only damage caused by sinkhole activity is covered under most Florida insurance policies, sometimes deceptive insurance companies will try to wrongly blame the damage on causes other than sinkholes.
Sinkholes occur throughout Florida.  See pictures about the sinkhole formation process, and learn about the different types of sinkholes.  Detailed information about solution sinkholes, collapse sinkholes, and other Florida sinkholes is provided here.
FL sinkholes are common landforms in Florida.  The sinkhole, although naturally occurring in Florida’s geology, can pose serious danger to Florida homes.  Learn facts about Florida sinkholes – for instance, did you know a sinkhole is like a natural drain?  Many lakes in Florida are really sinkholes.
Can my Insurance non-renew or cancel me if I get my property tested?...........Do I have to pay for any sinkhole testing?...........How long does the Sinkhole process take?.........How do they repair my home? Does it actually work? Do I have to repair my home?.......Does repair work have a warranty? Learn more about important questions Homeowners ask when making a claim.