Are you receiving the full benefits of your sinkhole claim? Did the insurance hired engineers deny your claim based on an "opinion" within a reasonable professional probability sinkhole activity or structural damage does not exist?

Low Damage Offers: Did the insurance hired engineers use non-sinkhole related terms in the report such as construction defects, thermal expansion, differential settlement, organics, shrink swell clays and more to justify offering low cosmetics and remediation damage amounts? In addition, did the engineer only offer grouting to stabilize the soil instead of chemical grouting & underpinning? If so, contact SinkTeam today!

At SinkTeam, our state licensed and bonded sinkhole public adjusters have evaluated over 350 sinkhole claims. We evaluate your property damage, sinkhole report & policy to ensure you are getting fair treatment from your insurance carrier. Our services are completely FREE - unless there is any recovery which would be a minimal 10%. Please contact SinkTeam today. We're here to help!
SinkTeam can help in most stages, including:
* Inspect & Evaluate Property Damage
* Low Cosmetic Checks & Subsurface Amounts
* Insurance not paying for Cracks & Proper Repair
* Negotiating With Insurance & Lawyers
* Neutral Evaluation - Confirmed & Denied
* Structural Damage Denials
* Sinkhole Insurance Claims Payouts
* Examination Under Oaths, Recorded Statements
* 10% Sinkhole Deductibles
* Negotiating With Mortgage Company, Lawyers
* File & Schedule Proper Sinkhole Tests per your Policy
* Geological SPT Borings, GPR, Floor Elevation Review
* Confirmed Sinkhole: Low Estimates & Forced Repair
* Denied Sinkhole Claim: Review & Appeal
* Sinkhole Repair: Grouting & Underpinning
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"Thank you SinkTeam for helping and advising us through our major sinkhole problem. A special thanks to Jack for his mental support and help!" Yean & Scott C. (Homeowners)

Do I Have a Sinkhole?
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Learn the Sinkhole Warning Signs, how sinkholes form, what home cracks might be sinkhole related.
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Want to File a Sinkhole Claim?
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Before you file a sinkhole claim, be sure to read this and prepare yourself! Or better yet, let SinkTeam handle the claim process for you!
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Confirmed Sinkhole Activity?
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Understand what the sinkhole report & repair recommendations mean, including other sinkhole options your insurer doesn’t want you to know about!
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Denied Sinkhole?
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How to understand what a sinkhole report really says. Denied based on a Structural Damage evaluation? Know what your policy entitles you and why you can’t always trust the testing companies.
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Delayed Sinkhole Claim?
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Are they trying to get out of full sinkhole testing? Are they demanding lots of irrelevant documents? Is your insurer delaying your sinkhole testing report? Are they demanding you submit an Examination Under Oath? Learn about sinkhole insurance delaying tactics and how to fight back! Understand types of sinkhole testing companies.
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